My Chemical Romance: The End of an Era

Frank Iero at the House of Blues on Lansdowne St in Boston.

Frank Iero at the House of Blues on Lansdowne St in Boston.

I originally wrote this in February 2013, and have updated the end. The album I talk about was released.

On March 22, 2013 My Chemical Romance broke up. Almost 12 years after starting a band that spoke to thousands of lost teenagers, the four core members went their separate ways.

Though they kept a secret hidden until February 17, 2014. That secret was the song “Fake Your Death”, the only song to survive the fifth studio album, something the fans call MCR5, that may never see the light of day.

This band means a great deal to me, and will always mean a great deal to me. This right here is meant to discuss the final song, the theatricality of it all, and the imminent release of “May Death Never Stop You.”

When the news reached fans on March 22, 2013 it quickly became a day of mourning. The band thousands followed was suddenly no more. The elusive fifth album they were working on would never grace their ears. But the song “Fake Your Death” became a consolation prize.

The song’s lyrics lay out a eulogy for the band. One final good-bye, full of emotion and closure. Lead singer Gerard Way, when announcing the song, said it is the only one on their greatest hits album with no comment next to it.

“I consider “Fake Your Death” to be the “last MCR song”, and to me, it is absolutely the final fully realized collaboration between the members of the band.” Wrote Way.

Looking at the lyrics it makes sense that it should be the final MCR song. “Some people hope/Some people pray/ But why’d we have to stay?” Are some of the first lines of the song. My Chemical Romance, when explaining the break up, explained how they weren’t the same band they started as. Which was a good thing, but it also meant they weren’t the band they wanted to be anymore.

The most important thing to know about My Chemical Romance before judging them is they’re more than just music. They were an attitude, a message in a bottle, a goal to aspire to. They were much more than just a band.

So when Gerard realized he was acting instead of performing it seemed fitting they end. When you listen to “Fake Your Death” they talk about choosing defeat, and walking away from the pain and sorrow you feel. That’s what the band did, they walked away from a painful project that was no longer them.

Of course they couldn’t just release their final album and be done with it. They’re a much more theatrical bunch than that. (For proof of this simply google “The Black Parade Is Dead” and view their theatrical performances) Releasing the song early seems like a record company ploy, but could be a misdirect to the band introducing MCR 5.

MCR5, for those unfamiliar with My Chemical Romance, is The idea of a fifth album, the one they were working on that was “going so well.” The fans believe MCR5 will be revealed when MCR finally come back from this “break up.” The song and album titles don’t help the break up image. “Fake Your Death” May Death Never Stop You

May Death Never Stop You is a compilation album, meant as one final good bye. Or as a come back for the band, though that looks much less likely with Mikey starting his own band and Frank touring with the Death Spells, and what’s Ray up to? Gerard hints at his own solo projects every so often.

March 25, May Death Never Stop You will hit stores, computers, and mailboxes around the world. Fans will rejoice for one last video, one last moment with the band that meant everything to them. I know I will.

Well, the album came out and it’s the only CD I’ve had in my car since. To be fair I normally listen to podcasts in my car, but anyway, it’s great. The band descriptions are so enlightening, and heart warming. They really do love each other, they’re just off on their own now.

Fans had mixed feelings about the album, some thought it was useless and the songs they chose were not the ones they should have. But, hey, everyone can have their opinion on the internet.


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