Comic-Con for a Non-Conner

Don’t let the headline fool you, I am not a con artist, I was just referring to someone who spends a lot of time at Conventions, a conner, and I am not one. But I did spend last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, the largest comic and pop culture convention in the country, if not the world.

My super great boyfriend in the foreground and the crazy creature we walked around Comic-Con in the background.

My super great boyfriend in the foreground and the crazy creature we walked around Comic-Con in the background.

I’m not going to spend this post recapping what I did, it’s probably not that interesting since most of it was walking that giant creature around downtown San Diego. But really, that thing is awesome and if you want to learn more check it out here.

Basically, my boyfriend – Ryan Cultrera, works for the Stan Winston School of Character Arts and we volunteered to help out with their giant creature for the weekend. In return we got into a few parties and got to hang out with it all day. Which was AWESOME! I met Skrillex at Adam Savage’s party on Friday night. What more could a girl want?!

Really, this post is to show you that I, someone with fairly bad social anxiety, braved the most crowded building/area in the world for a weekend. And I survived! It was actually fantastic. Lines were long, but totally worth it. I got to try out an oculus rift, and see 4 minutes of new footage from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Now for what this post is really about. The pictures. Here are the best pictures I snapped this weekend. I’m sorry there isn’t more cosplay, it was just so crazy most of the time.

White Walker

White Walker model at the Geek Nation booth. Quite fantastic.

White Ork

Azog, the destroyer, or burnt, or whatever his tagline is. I never noticed his loin cloth is made of the skins of those he defeats.


The DC area inside the convention center had this great still of Morpheus from Sandman for their imprint Vertigo.

Sally and Zero

Sally and Zero! Someone was actually in the zero costume.

Ryan Godzilla

Godzilla came to Comic-Con with an art installation. That’s a front view of my adorable boyfriend Ryan

Joker Masks

Can you find which one the Joker wore?


One of the best cosplay’s I saw there. Amazing Hellboy, and props to him for wearing that red paint all day.

Hatter and Queen

A fantastic Tim Burton Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts. You know you’ve found a good cosplayer when you point a camera at them and they automatically strike a pose.


Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman cowel’s. The DC Booth had a bunch of movie props for Batman’s 75th year of being Batman.

Bat Nipples

I literally named this one bat nipples. George Clooney, not even you could save that movie.

Bat Nipples!

Joel Schumacher would be proud of my Photoshop editing skills. (Read: I purposely went for that crazy contrast look)

Bat Keaton

Of course we couldn’t leave without a picture of my favorite Batman, Michael Keaton.

And that was my brief trip to Comic-Con. Next year I’ll have more to write about, and of course take many more pictures. Hopefully next year someone will pay me to write about what it was like being in that crazy, clusterfuck of a convention center.


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