2016: My Year Without Pants – I miss pants

Guess what? After over 3 weeks of avoiding my jeans (and 1 pair of lobster pants from Talbots), I have a craving.

Not a craving for food, or drink, or to smash the patriarchy*. But a craving to feel that slightly rough, slightly smooth from too much wear, denim on my legs.

I want to craft outfits around my high waisted black jeans, I want to stomp down the street in Doc Martens and black capris that scream “I will fucking end you”.

It’s a small craving right now, creating different outfits with the tights, leggings, skirts, and dresses I own is becoming a fun task in itself. I’ve arranged and re-arranged the same leggings with different pairings that I feel a bit like I’m playing Tetris every morning.

But it’s still a fun challenge. No matter how much I miss the way I look in a crop top and high waisted jeans, I will soldier on. This will be the year without pants goddammit!

*LOL just kidding, I always want to tear down the patriarchy.


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