Some days are just ugly

Very short and sweet today, just posting something I found kind of funny in all it’s dark, bitterness.

I recently dyed my hair green. And when it dried I looked like I was auditioning for the role of The Joker’s daughter. I’m talking astroturf and Green Apple Gatorade green. So I bought some blue hair dye and spent probably an hour and a half systematically covering my bright green head with it.

When I finally rinsed it was a magical gradient from dark green to bright teal-blue. So I posted a pic on my Snapchat and proceeded on my day. I didn’t save the picture from Snapchat, and then thought “maybe I should take another one.”

After that decision, somehow, every single picture I took was blurry, or at a terrible angle, or made me look way fatter than I am, or had awful lighting that didn’t show the cool gradient of my hair.

Then I got this text message from a friend: Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 6.09.42 PM

And you can see how I responded. Some days you take that perfect selfie* and some days are just ugly days. As long as you remember that those ugly days are just bad lighting, awkward camera angles, and blurry results. Not what you actually look like.

So here’s hoping tomorrow is a better photo day, because honestly this hair is a thing of beauty that needs to be shared with all the world. Or the 20 people who read my blog.

*as seen here: ME


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