2016: My Year Without Pants – What pants?

It has officially been 76 days since I wore real, actual, pants. I went through a bit of a panic period. I worried almost constantly that I would accidentally wear actual pants and ruin my progress so far.

That subsided and has made room for some interesting fashion ideas.

Most of my outfits currently consist of a t-shirt and leggings, or a t-shirt and a skirt, or the few dresses I own and still like. But having to wear the same clothes without the stability of my black high waisted skinny jeans, is a very enlightening experience.

Not spiritually, I’m not praying at the cotton alter. It’s enlightening my view and ideas about fashion. Since almost all of the leggings I own are heavily patterned, I’m forced to wear a lot more of my solid colored shirts which previously sat untouched in my closet for months at a time.

At this point I’m also starting to forget what jeans feel like. Those constricting leg prisons of yore, are genuinely in the passed now and I can move forward with flowing cotton pants and leggings my mom bought me from the internet.

I have also now mastered the art of the power clash. Where you wear conflicting patterns in a way that doesn’t make people want to gauge their eyes out.

This is strangely becoming a learning experience for me. A lot more time goes into crafting each outfit in the morning instead of just relying on my high waisted jeans to pick up the slack. As we get closer to summer I fear the season of shorts will bring up many questions I have yet to address about my rule on what are and are not pants.

Length is definitely a factor, but so is composition. If anyone finds any elastic waist shorts that won’t make me look like I’m training for a triathlon please send them my way.


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