2016: My Year Without Pants – War on Pants

Guys, I’m going to be honest with you, three months without pants is incredibly difficult. I crave owning a pair of pant-like things that I can wear more than once, maybe twice if I’m lucky. In other news my friend berated me for my “war on pants” at a party last weekend. Looking at you Seamus.

I have no problem with pants existing in the world. To each their own! If Jayden Smith wants to wear a skirt for the rest of his life he is more than welcome to. But personally, leg prisons are not for me, and while I’m working in a weird industry without a dress code I will take full advantage of being able to come into work wearing leggings with cats on them.


From right to left: My friends Melanie, Jes, and me in cat leggings*

It’s not a war on pants in general. It didn’t even start as a war, it started as a joke because I found myself gravitating toward wearing leggings as pants.** But now I look on it as a personal challenge, as well as a societal challenge.

Personal for obvious reasons, it’s my body and fashion sense on the line with this ridiculous idea.

Societal because, while an obvious solution to not wearing actual pants would be to wear dresses, that is what the patriarchy wants. If I’ve learned anything recently, it’s that we should smash the patriarchy and all their dumb expectations of women. So mixing up my every day look with some leggings (or even fleece lined tights as leggings), and shorts makes it a much more fun challenge to myself and the expectations of society. And when I say society I mean old white men.

So, this war on pants will continue forward. May the elastic hold strong.

*Also it is a big deal that I allowed a photo of me with my midriff showing on the internet. I honestly haven’t shown my midriff in public until the last year.

**My timehop recently reminded me that when I was 16 I thoroughly hated this trend and thought it was dumb, and that’s some nice irony.


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