2016: My Year Without Pants – Portland Without Pants

I continue adventuring around the world without real pants. Days pass, time keeps moving, like sands through the hour glass. So are the days of my life.

Most recently I went to Portland without pants. Let me say a few things about Portland.

  1. It is a very picturesque city and I’m really upset that I didn’t fix my camera focus while I was there (sometimes I am just too lazy to be bothered and that’s something I’m working on)
  2. The food! Every single thing I ate was absolutely delicious. Every single thing I drank was equally as delicious. Including the bourbon barrel aged Saison that tasted like coffee maple syrup.
  3. It is one of the best places to go without pants.

For starters I had to winnow down my luggage to one carry on bag on the way over because I did not want to pay $40 for a second*. Now, when I studied abroad the program was designed so we could travel to a different city every weekend. When you are going somewhere for under 72 hours, and have to make everything you want to carry fit in a backpack that weighs less than 12 pounds, you get very good at packing just the essentials.

At the castle (yes, I lived in a castle) I learned to pack efficiently. I packed two shirts and two changes of underwear and wore whatever pants I wanted for the weekend. If time and space allowed I threw in a dress, for all those hot, sweaty, cigarette filled European clubs we went to.

For this weekend I returned to the same style of packing, bringing only the absolute essentials with me. So, armed with a pair of leggings on, a pair in the bag, a dress, a shirt, and two rolled up balls of socks and underwear, I boarded the plane to Portland Oregon.

Let me say, the weather was definitely on our** side last weekend. The Pacific North West is notorious for its grey skies and never ending rain. But we lucked out and I got to stroll around town in leggings and Doc Martens all weekend.

When we started strolling through less touristy, more family-oriented sections of town I noticed a lot of women sporting leggings as pants as well. I felt like I had found my people. I also greatly enjoyed everything being made of brick and the brightly colored Victorian style homes.

I came out of the weekend with a new black skirt to replace one I bought at a thrift store in college. I also came out of it with a real appreciation for where I live and where I choose to visit. It requires a lot of self confidence and a (fairly) open minded society to accept wearing leggings as pants.

So, thank you Portland, for taking me and showing me that other fully functional adults also choose to wear leggings as pants.

*Spirit, you truly are the Ryanair of America.

**I swallowed this adventure with two of my best friends Melanie and Devon.


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