2016: My Year Without Pants – 1 Gallon A Day

This post combines two weird challenges I set for myself this year.

  1. Not wearing (real) pants for 366 days straight.
  2. Drinking a gallon of water a day.

The gallon challenge is very new. Two weeks old, in fact. I set it when I bought my giant Nalgene in Portland. It holds 32oz, which means to drink a gallon I have to drink 4 a day.


My giant Nalgene that I cart everywhere with me.

Now, under normal circumstances (read: every day of my life) my self control, and self discipline rank pretty low. I’m talking, go to the grocery store for clementines and return with clementines plus a frozen pizza, plus a family sized back of SmartFood Popcorn.* Then sitting on my couch and shamelessly eating all of the food.


A lot like this.

But I think I’ve found a loophole for my own lack of self discipline. Initially propose the idea as a joke, laugh about it with friends, then start to actually attempt said thing. Once I prove this is easier than originally thought, it just becomes part of my life.

You all watched me go through waves of stress with not wearing pants.** But now I’m over the hill, on the other side, singing the praises of saying “Fuck you!” to jeans. I don’t even think about wearing them anymore, and I don’t miss them.

The gallon challenge is still new, and (so far) proves a much easier task than avoiding zippers. I already drank a lot of water, it’s the only thing I drink aside from alcohol and the occasional ginger ale.

So far my skin looks a lot better, but otherwise I feel basically the same. Next week I’ll start adding fruit to my water every day and see where that road leads. Hopefully to more energy and slight weight loss.

*these two foods are my ultimate weaknesses. Plus wine.

** Those dreams were really awful, guys!


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