New York City, Center of The Universe

Last weekend I had the good fortune of going to New York for the NYC Podcast Festival. I saw several wonderful shows there, talked to three of the podcasts I work with through email.* I also spent a lot of time with some of my best friends in the world, because they happen to live there.

I brought my camera, because I brought it to Portland and didn’t use it and wanted to take some photos of the architecture and greenery that you just can’t find in Los Angeles.

(Click for full, large versions of the photos)

My friend Ashley, who I stayed with, knows how to NYC and when I told her I wanted to take some nice photos she strolled me right through the Upper West Side and down into Central Park.

Above is a delightful tree-lined street, as you can obviously see. Architecture in New York is so interesting. There are all these buildings connected to each other, but each with their own weird flair.

I really enjoyed the overcast weather, 1. Because Los Angeles is rarely overcast, and 2. It allowed me to have a much darker color palette for the photos, which made finding buildings between trees a lot of fun.

The last batch of photos comes from our stroll along the High Line, which used to be a railroad track. It runs along the Hudson river from the Meat Packing district up to 34 St. These are probably some of the most disgustingly hipster photos I will ever take. But damn, if I’m not in love with them.

There is nothing I love more than brick buildings. Especially the way they contrasted against the black beams of the High Line and the grey sky.

But here, this below, is my favorite photo from the day. I bought an ice cream sandwich because we at a giant lunch and then promptly fell into slight food comas. Ashley opted for some cold brew coffee, but I tend to have bad reactions to coffee like 90% of the time I attempt to drink it. So I bought this maple bacon, pecan, bourbon ice cream sandwich.

Highline - 6

Nothing says delightful more than an ice cream sandwich on a warm but cloudy day, spent hanging out with one of your best friends and seeing some rad-as-fuck podcasts.

Thanks New York, and thanks Ashley, Thaddeus, Gavin, and Andy who all showed me a wonderful time there.

*Shout out to Lady Lovin, Mouth Time with Reductress, and We Hate Movies! All of you are fabulous people and I hope to get back out to see you again soon.


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