Peep Show

Now that Legitimate Self Destruction is finished, I am venturing into the world of digital art. It’s weird, and doesn’t make a lot of sense, and is sort of gruesome in a great way.

Many months ago at this point I took about 100 photos of marshmallow peeps after sticking them in my microwave for about a minute. I filtered through the photos, narrowed it down to about 50 and then started editing. Of those I found 37 that I liked once they were all cleaned up. I went through many versions, variations, and color gradients to get everything just right. Here are the final 16 photos that in total make up weeks of my life.

1 Peeps2 Peeps3 peeps4 Peeps16 peep15 peep14 peep13 peep11 peep5 Peeps6 peeps7 peep8 peep9 peep10 peep12 peep


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