2016: My Year Without Pants -I Miss Pants Redux

If you recall, or if you click here, you’ll remember that I missed pants many months ago. Well as the weather (in theory) gets cooler, I’m starting to miss my jeans again.

Full disclosure, I did put on all my jeans a couple of months ago, just to see how they fit and if they felt any looser. I think they did? But then again I haven’t worn them in over 8 months so it’s really a crapshoot on if I remember how they felt in the first place. I put on each pair for under 30 seconds total, just to assess.

Now, I’ve started to run out of fun clothing combinations. I’ve started to wear the same three skirts over and over again. Mostly because they’re the only three that are work appropriate and still fit.

I keep looking at my closet and thinking about all the ways I could wear my jeans and my capris and those silly lobster pants. It opens up so many options by way of fashion.

Oh pants, how you don’t conform to my body. How you allow me to squish myself into you so that you hide my chub in all the right ways. How you combine with basic t-shirts to look so cool. How you prevent thigh chafe. Oh pants, how I miss you.


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