Homesick: I Will Not Let My Heartache

The title is a reference to the Relient K “Heartache” song from their new(ish) album, Air For Free.* I listened to it a lot when I went for runs when I went home and took these photos at the cabin my family and I rent every summer. I try not to let my heart ache for this spot, but it’s pretty incredible.

There is some debate as to when we started going to the cabin, and the tradition of trying to figure out when we started going has become just as ingrained in our yearly trips.

I didn’t take many photos inside because it is not particularly interesting and the furniture is definitely from the late 1980s. Nature makes a more interesting subject to me. Unless you want to see a bunch of shots of in focus random objects and blurry backgrounds.

On one of my last morning’s at the cabin we woke up to a pollen streaked lake and I took it as a cue to take some photos.


(Click to big-ify)

The photo on the left is my favorite example of the pollen, plus the reflection of those trees is unbelievable.

Something you don’t get a lot of in Los Angeles is beautiful clouds. I love photographing clouds. It’s an interesting challenge, and there’s nothing that makes normal landscapes look more majestic than a big sky full of clouds.


Finally, a photo of the cabin we rent. It’s quite lovely, three small bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, living room and screen porch. A+ vacation times, and my favorite running spot ever.

*I’ll be perfectly honest, this is the only song on the album I’ve listened to except the one entitled “God”


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