Who I am

Me 2016

Hello lovely reader,

Welcome to my website.

I am Maria Spiridigliozzi, a podcast producer/editor, adventurer, and writer of some truly awful (but in the best way) fanfiction.

Here are the quick facts you need to know about me:

  • I hail from the wonderful Boston (Massachusetts, USA, Earth) and I eat sleep and breathe that dirty water.
  • I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do for money, but for love I update this blog, take photos, and… write more fanfiction.
  • Melted cheese is my favorite food. You did not read that incorrectly. Melted cheese is my favorite food.
  • And My Chemical Romance, are (and always will be) my favorite band in the entire world. RIP 2001-2013

This blog gives me a place to showcase my writing, through reviews/analysis of TV, movies, music, and live performances. It will also hold some personal essays, and photography. Currently I’m seeing if I can make it 366 (leap year, baby!) days without real pants.

Please enjoy, comment if you have thoughts, suggestions, or want to tell me nice things. Send me an email if you have constructive criticism.


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