2016: My Year Without Pants – Year In Review

Well, it’s been almost completely 366 days since I last wore real pants. In just one week and a few days I’ll be able to wear jeans again. Just in time for Los Angeles to embrace winter!

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Homesick: I Will Not Let My Heartache

The title is a reference to the Relient K “Heartache” song from their new(ish) album, Air For Free.* I listened to it a lot when I went for runs when I went home and took these photos at the cabin my family and I rent every summer. I try not to let my heart ache for this spot, but it’s pretty incredible.

There is some debate as to when we started going to the cabin, and the tradition of trying to figure out when we started going has become just as ingrained in our yearly trips.

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2016: My Year Without Pants – Portland Without Pants

I continue adventuring around the world without real pants. Days pass, time keeps moving, like sands through the hour glass. So are the days of my life.

Most recently I went to Portland without pants. Let me say a few things about Portland.

  1. It is a very picturesque city and I’m really upset that I didn’t fix my camera focus while I was there (sometimes I am just too lazy to be bothered and that’s something I’m working on)
  2. The food! Every single thing I ate was absolutely delicious. Every single thing I drank was equally as delicious. Including the bourbon barrel aged Saison that tasted like coffee maple syrup.
  3. It is one of the best places to go without pants.

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The Kindness of Neighbors

About a month ago my boyfriend (who I share a 1 bedroom apartment and a large collection of stuff with) and I came home to a post-it note on our apartment door. I assumed it was someone telling us we were too loud too late, or burned too much incense. Instead the note (see above) told us how great our Halloween decorations made them feel. Which in turn made us feel great too.

In the last week I walked out to our building’s entry way to check the mail and on top of the mailboxes sat a couple of books. I didn’t think much of it, checked the mail and went on with my life. Then they’ve continued to accumulate. Books of all types now sit on our mailboxes with new ones appearing and disappearing daily.

It dawned on me after a few days that whoever started this started a communal library for our building. A cute, unofficial, library where we can deposit books as needed and pick up new ones. All without words or notes or anything. Just the kindness of strangers.

It makes me smile thinking that everyone in the building probably sees this and possibly contributes to it. And it makes me smile that someone who lives in my building took the time to write a note about how nice our decorations were.

Even though we don’t hang out, or borrow flour and sugar from each other like it’s a 90s sitcom we still interact and respect each other. It’s nice to know that some relationships don’t need words. Just actions.

A Brief Review: Women of The Hour w/Lena Dunham – #2 Body

Here we are again, a week later, and a week wiser, with a new episode of Women of The Hour to discuss.

Simply titled Body, the second installment of Lena Dunham’s 5 part podcast series with Buzzfeed broached a much broader spectrum of body issues than I expected.

I enjoyed aspects of this episode, but the producer in my brain wouldn’t shut off the whole time.

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