Peep Show

Now that Legitimate Self Destruction is finished, I am venturing into the world of digital art. It’s weird, and doesn’t make a lot of sense, and is sort of gruesome in a great way.

Many months ago at this point I took about 100 photos of marshmallow peeps after sticking them in my microwave for about a minute. I filtered through the photos, narrowed it down to about 50 and then started editing. Of those I found 37 that I liked once they were all cleaned up. I went through many versions, variations, and color gradients to get everything just right. Here are the final 16 photos that in total make up weeks of my life. Continue reading


Legitimate Self Destruction #17 – The End

Here we are. The last chapter. The final installment. The end of a saga. It’s strange for me to be typing this since I actually finished writing this story a decade ago, but it feels like a good ending. Enjoy it, and catch my commentary on this story as a whole at the very end.

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Legitimate Self Destruction #16 – Thanksgiving

Have you ever created a vision of someone in your head and then actually met them, or paid attention to what they say, or at all noticed anything they’ve ever done and realized that your vision is complete crap? That’s what happened to me long after I wrote this story.

The characterization of Frankie and Gerard is… atrocious feels like the right word. And for a chapter that takes place at Thanksgiving there is very little thanks, and no food.

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Legitimate Self Destruction #15 – Traffic

When the chapter starts out “I sit pondering…” you know it’s going to be slightly more of a mess than normal. But, I’ve committed too much of my life to this to watch it fade away before all of you get to read the finale.*

So in Chapter 15 a whole lot of nothing happens, disguised as plot by the fact that they do some things.
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2016: My Year Without Pants – Moving

Well a whole hell of a lot has happened in the last month. Adina (my new roommate) and I started the epic search for an apartment in Los Angeles. We then (within 2 weeks) found an apartment. Put down the deposit. Signed the lease. Got the keys. Then started moving our lives in.

We have lived there just over a week, and are still cobbling together the place. We need some tables and another lamp. But, the main point of this post is to discuss how I’ve now gone almost half a year without wearing real pants.

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Legitimate Self Destruction #14 – Flashbacks

I’m just going to brace you, after last week’s eventful surprise we’ve got a flashback. That’s right, and it’s not to some cool time like the mid 90s. Nope, it’s to (probably) several months before this chapter takes place. It’s awkward, and embarrassing, and painful to read. But so is this whole story.

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