It’s 1200 Miles From Palm Springs to Texas

This post will encompass two trips I went on, one almost three months ago and the other almost two. I’m so good at doing things in a timely manner that I’m also writing this on election night while pretending that the world isn’t slowly falling into hellfire.*

The title of this post comes from this song by Dean Martin with the same title. I googled songs about Palm Springs and it was the first to show up. It’s quite a number. It’s also perfect because the two places I went after going home were Palm Springs, and then Austin Texas.

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Masshole and Proud: My Love Letter to Boston

Taken from the smoking hill on the Boston Common. Ain't it a beaut? // March 2014

Taken from the smoking hill on the Boston Common. Ain’t it a beaut? // March 2014

“Your resolve is unquestionable. Your character undeniable. Your history unparalleled. You’ve inspired us, all the way. You will again today.” – Donnie Wahlberg, on Boston after the marathon bombings in 2013

Recently my mom came to visit. She battled her hatred of flying to board a plane in Boston and step off in Los Angeles. It got me thinking about home. Which is a word that can mean a whole host of things. Where you sleep. Where you’re from. Where you currently live. Where you identify with the most. Where your parents live.

To me, home will always be Boston, Massachusetts.

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