It’s 1200 Miles From Palm Springs to Texas

This post will encompass two trips I went on, one almost three months ago and the other almost two. I’m so good at doing things in a timely manner that I’m also writing this on election night while pretending that the world isn’t slowly falling into hellfire.*

The title of this post comes from this song by Dean Martin with the same title. I googled songs about Palm Springs and it was the first to show up. It’s quite a number. It’s also perfect because the two places I went after going home were Palm Springs, and then Austin Texas.

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Homesick: I Will Not Let My Heartache

The title is a reference to the Relient K “Heartache” song from their new(ish) album, Air For Free.* I listened to it a lot when I went for runs when I went home and took these photos at the cabin my family and I rent every summer. I try not to let my heart ache for this spot, but it’s pretty incredible.

There is some debate as to when we started going to the cabin, and the tradition of trying to figure out when we started going has become just as ingrained in our yearly trips.

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Peep Show

Now that Legitimate Self Destruction is finished, I am venturing into the world of digital art. It’s weird, and doesn’t make a lot of sense, and is sort of gruesome in a great way.

Many months ago at this point I took about 100 photos of marshmallow peeps after sticking them in my microwave for about a minute. I filtered through the photos, narrowed it down to about 50 and then started editing. Of those I found 37 that I liked once they were all cleaned up. I went through many versions, variations, and color gradients to get everything just right. Here are the final 16 photos that in total make up weeks of my life. Continue reading

New York City, Center of The Universe

Last weekend I had the good fortune of going to New York for the NYC Podcast Festival. I saw several wonderful shows there, talked to three of the podcasts I work with through email.* I also spent a lot of time with some of my best friends in the world, because they happen to live there.

I brought my camera, because I brought it to Portland and didn’t use it and wanted to take some photos of the architecture and greenery that you just can’t find in Los Angeles.

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Driving Parallel Along Route 66

The drive from Los Angeles to Nebraska and back (on two different routes) drives you through 9 states, 10 if you take route 54 and go through 10 minutes of Texas.

9 states in 4 and a half days of driving is a lot of states when you consider the size of them. Coming from New England I am accustomed to being in and out of a state within an hour. But out here in the wild west things are a lot bigger.

Starting with the sky

Utah 11:24 - 3

This was somewhere in Utah at the end of November 24th

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Comic-Con for a Non-Conner

Don’t let the headline fool you, I am not a con artist, I was just referring to someone who spends a lot of time at Conventions, a conner, and I am not one. But I did spend last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, the largest comic and pop culture convention in the country, if not the world.

My super great boyfriend in the foreground and the crazy creature we walked around Comic-Con in the background.

My super great boyfriend in the foreground and the crazy creature we walked around Comic-Con in the background.

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