There Are Too Many “It’s Been A Long Time” Song Jokes To Reference

And oh what a time it’s been. Two years is a long time to be away from something. It’s not really a long time in the grand scheme of the world. But when you’re only 26 it’s… well it’s still only about 7.6% of my life. Wow, when you break it down mathematically it’s even smaller than I thought.

Regardless, I’m back to attempting to write. It will most likely be more rambly, and less pointed than the last time I wrote. But I’m doing it. One day at a time, I put words down after one another and then publish them for… well probably someone to read.

But mostly I just do it for my own sanity. Because keeping all the words inside this long hurt, and I didn’t have the energy, and right series of words to explain any of it until recently. So here’s a blurb for the moment, I’ll return with more next week.

Thanks for sticking with me.


2016: My Year Without Pants – Year In Review

Well, it’s been almost completely 366 days since I last wore real pants. In just one week and a few days I’ll be able to wear jeans again. Just in time for Los Angeles to embrace winter!

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It’s 1200 Miles From Palm Springs to Texas

This post will encompass two trips I went on, one almost three months ago and the other almost two. I’m so good at doing things in a timely manner that I’m also writing this on election night while pretending that the world isn’t slowly falling into hellfire.*

The title of this post comes from this song by Dean Martin with the same title. I googled songs about Palm Springs and it was the first to show up. It’s quite a number. It’s also perfect because the two places I went after going home were Palm Springs, and then Austin Texas.

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Homesick: I Will Not Let My Heartache

The title is a reference to the Relient K “Heartache” song from their new(ish) album, Air For Free.* I listened to it a lot when I went for runs when I went home and took these photos at the cabin my family and I rent every summer. I try not to let my heart ache for this spot, but it’s pretty incredible.

There is some debate as to when we started going to the cabin, and the tradition of trying to figure out when we started going has become just as ingrained in our yearly trips.

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2016: My Year Without Pants – Not Pants

So it’s been a hot second since I updated the world on my journey without real pants. Last time I checked in it was because of my longing and desire to once again put on a pair of jeans and have pockets. This time I’m giving you a definition that was briefly touched on in one of my earlier posts.

The definition of Not Real Pants.

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The Idea of A Perfect Moment

For years the only thing I wrote was fiction – fan fiction, plays, comic books, whatever it was it came from my imagination and onto the page. Recently I vacillate between fiction and personal essays.

I realized the best things I write are moments; small scenes that sometimes have a beginning-middle-and-end, but mostly just showcase a snippet of someone’s life and mind at a particular moment.

So I wrote a scene* about a heart broken girl who is searching for a perfect moment. Because at the end of the day, we all just want one perfect moment to hold onto.

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